Change your admin email

Change the administrator email here and here. After that you should receive an email to your inbox asking you for confirmation of administrator email changes. Click on the link in this email to confirm. Also update contact forms with your details.

Optional: You also can remove my account in Users section. VERY IMPORTANT: when removing my account don’t forget to select “Attribute all content to” your Username. Otherwise all products and pages will be removed!

Note: Technical support can be impossible after removing of my account.

Set your PayPal in settings

This store uses PayPal payment gateway to receive payments from customers. They accept both Credit Card and direct PayPal payments. Only you need is to input your current PayPal email in Woocommerce Settings, then click save and you’re ready to work.

Also there are some other payment gateways which can be installed additionally.

Everything else is already configured.

How to work with products

How to add some fresh hot-selling products to your store. So, use built-in search to find and import products. Read here how to search and import products:

Important: Usually Aliexpress products has terrible titles and descriptions. Every time when you importing products to import list, you need to manually rewrite title, description and sometimes edit images also via built-in editor of import list in Ali2Woo plugin.

You also may want to change your shipping settings:

But I strictly recommend to offer free shipping on all orders, even if sometimes you may need to pay for shipping $1-2 yourself.

Some professional tricks:

  1. A) You need to choose advanced search option if you want to import via built-in search module (this is my preferred method). So, input your keyword, set minimum “Seller’s Feedback score” to 10 and “Sold in 30 days” to 5-15, then set “Show shipping price to” to your target country. Always set default sorting by orders count. Then import some interesting products with good selling count. This way you will sell only goods that are already in demand. This makes a sense.
  2. B) You also can import right from Aliexpress using Chrome browser with Ali2Woo extension. In this case set filters like this: set “Free shipping”, set reviews “from 4 to 5 stars” and set sorting by orders. Import some interesting products with good selling count and preferable with ePacket shipping option. In this case you need to install Ali2Woo extension in your Chrome browser – read detailed guide here:

Keep in mind that your API key is already generated, you not need to create new key, just copy/paste exist key as the article said. Then you will able to work with products and orders.

How to work with orders

What to do when you receive an order, read detailed guide here:

How to use tracking number functionality:

Where to track orders (using default functionality): or similar sites.

Also you may want to have more advanced tracking system right on your site, read detailed guide here:

How to promote your store with Instagram Shoutouts

Instagram shoutouts is a very simple but powerful method to promote a dropshipping store. Especially if you’re have not any experience with complicated ad systems.

Download and read detailed guide for Instagram Shoutouts

How to promote your store with Facebook Ads

To generate sales you’ll need to run ad campaigns. I use Facebook ads in conjunction with Instagram shoutouts (read below).

Actually, you can use Facebook Ads without a business page, but I recommend you to set up it anyway and fill it with some interesting content related with your niche (pictures, gifs, videos etc.) to make it looks active. Then when you’ll launch your ad campaigns this page will accumulate your potential buyers. Just don’t forget to post something interesting for your fans at least twice a week. For inspiration check what posts other successful stores on their pages then try to be better.

Professional trick:

If you have not yet an experience with Fb Ads, it’s good idea to start your ads targeted to small region of your country (e.g. state or city). And as a result you will get much less competition and cheaper ads, then when your ads will shown good CTR (read become cheaper) you can switch to a larger market (e.g. entire country).

Download Facebook Ads video guides: one is for beginners and second one is more advanced

Recommended information:

Full knowledge base for Ali2Woo plugin

They also have a very nice blog about dropshipping:

One more very good blog about dropshipping:


If something is not covered in this guide or you need my advice or even my direct help just contact me. I will do my best to assist you in any ways possible!

Best regards,